Authors and Attendees Fees*

Here are the costs for the different kinds of attendees of ROPEC 2015. Fees in dollars are for international wire transfers. In case of any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us. The payment of the accepted papers implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register at the conference. 


Paper Registration  Fee(deadline September 18, 2015)

Status IEEERegistration Fee
Student**MemberMX$ 2,500.00.00 (US$ 230.00)
Non MemberMX$ 3,000.00 (US$ 270.00)
MemberMX$ 3,500.00 (US$ 310.00)
Non MemberMX$4,000.00 (US$ 350.00)

Extra papers fee

Any extra paper by the same author or coauthor will be charged MX$ 2500.00 (US$ 230.00 ) whether student or professional,

Attendeess – Early Bird Registration Fee (deadline October 05 OCTOBER 19)

Status IEEERegistration Fee
IEEE MemberMX$ 900.00 (US$ 110.00)
Non IEEE MemberMX$1100.00 (US$ 120.00)
ProfessionalIEEE MemberMX$1,500.00 (US$ 150.00)
Non IEEE MemberMX$1,800.00 (US$ 180.00)


Attendeess  –  Late Registration Fee (after October 19, 2015)

Status IEEERegistration Fee
Student**IEEE MemberMX$ 1200.00 (US$ 130.00)
Non IEEE MemberMX$ 1400.00 (US$ 150.00)

IEEE MemberMX$ 1,800.00 (US$ 180.00)
Non IEEE MemberMX$ 2,100.00 (US$ 200.00)

* The registered participant, whether author or attendee, must keep the deposit slip to obtain his invoice and/or his certificate.

** The student IEEE electronic membership is included in the student fee whether author or attendee (assuming they provide the right information to the IEEE SCO volunteers). Any person registering at the student fee must present or send via email a valid student ID card at the moment of registration.